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Young Driver and Passenger Course

Young car drivers (17 to 24 years) are over-represented when you look at statistics for this age group and their involvement in fatal and serious road traffic crashes. In 2019, young drivers made up 7% of all licence holders but were involved in 16% of fatal and serious crashes.

The virtual Young Driver and Passenger Course is suitable for year 12 and 13 students and is offered free of charge. The programme consists of four pre-recorded sessions, which are supplied through a Vimeo link. We provide additional class resources and support to teaching staff, enabling them to confidently facilitate this programme. The course now has the addition of a fifth session - a live Q and A with our road safety officers which provides a very effective closure of the course, enabling students to obtain answers to questions that crop up during sessions one to four. This practical session consolidates the content of the four previous sessions, covering many aspects of the PSHE Curriculum and Gatsby Benchmark-5.

The sessions offer curriculum flexibility, where you can plan them in over a day, week, or the term. The programme generates conversation and therefore groups of 8 to 30 students is desirable. Schools have successfully run the course sessions as individual, double sessions and as drop-down days.

This course has been written by education professionals, providing students with greater depth in understanding of why crashes occur in their age group. Pupils are encouraged to explore coping strategies to become safer drivers and passengers.

This course is aimed at passengers, novice drivers and those that have passed their theory and practical tests. We are passionate about supporting young people to understand the key skills required for safer driving. Our aim is to empower them to understand causation factors, identify safer behaviours and ultimately, encourage them to say something when they feel those standards are not there.

For further information visit the Kent Road Safety website

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