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Prevention of Exclusion

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Kent PRU, Inclusion and Attendance Service provides advice and support helping schools to apply Government statutory guidance Exclusion from Maintained Schools, Academies and Pupil Referral Units (PRUs) in England (2017)

Inclusion and Attendance Advisers (I&AAs) are equipped with additional information about Kent’s policies and procedures relating to preventing and managing exclusions. Each District has a designated I&AAs who, along with Area Inclusion and Attendance Team monitors school exclusions and provides challenge, advice and support to schools relating to school-based strategies for preventing exclusions including:

  • alternatives to exclusion
  • managed moves
  • the legal framework surrounding exclusions and inclusive ‘best practice’ in Kent and other Local Authorities.

Strategies for Preventing Exclusions
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There are proven strategies used by many schools in Kent and beyond to prevent and reduce the use of exclusion. To help schools to develop an effective whole school approach, Kent PIAS has developed a resource booklet detailing the strategies and practices that school can apply. They include: