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Unlocking Outstanding Potential

Nationally 95% of Early Years and Childcare provision is judged as Good or Outstanding (March 2019). Current data in Kent shows that we are above the national statistic with 98.4% of Early Years settings and 98.2% of childminders judged Good or Outstanding.

We know and research has shown us that high quality provision for young children has a huge impact on children’s outcomes. In Kent we currently have 24.6% of our Early Years and Childcare settings and 21.8% of our childminders judged outstanding. Threads of Success have developed a suite of strategies and opportunities to support leaders and managers to strive for and sustain outstanding practice and performance.

Pathway to Excellence workshop
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Facilitated by experienced and passionate leaders, this day aims to build on your existing foundations and knowledge, nurturing your growth and challenging your thinking around outstanding practice and how you develop a culture to achieve or sustain this.

Every individual who attends the training receives their own toolkit filled with research, further reading and activities to do with their teams. The toolkit aims to support and capture the reflections of leaders throughout the day and provide a starting point for their pathway to excellence.

“The workshop was intense, packed with useful information. I came away feeling both apprehensive and relieved. The former, for the amount of work I still need to do to lead my setting to Outstanding yet the latter because I feel I now have the tools and greater understanding to help me support the team embark on this journey”.
Early Years Manager, Pilot Workshop, February 2018.

To book a place or to purchase for your collaboration or setting please visit The Education People website

Making the Moderator workshop
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“Leaders ensure that highly effective and meaningful engagement takes place with staff at all levels and that any issues are identified”

“Leaders focus on… enhancing the teaching of the curriculum and appropriate use of assessment”

Early Years Inspection Handbook (May 2019) Grade Descriptors for Leadership and Management

Moderation supports the consistency and accuracy of judgements across the provision, ensuring that you are confident in building on what children know and can do.

This interactive training has been designed to strengthen the moderation processes within Early Years provisions. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable tutors support individuals to become ‘moderation advocates’ understanding the benefits of, and process involved in moderation, ensuring assessment judgements of children’s progress are accurate and consistent.

“This course has been one of the few new courses which is appropriate to challenge and inspire experienced and knowledgeable leaders”.
Early Years Manager, May 2018.

To book a place or to purchase for your collaboration or setting please visit The Education People website

Certificate Collectors or Cascaders
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Is the training, guidance and support you provide to your staff highly focused? As a descriptor of outstanding practice, Ofsted will look to ensure practitioners receive focused and highly effective professional development to ensure their subject, pedagogical content and knowledge consistently builds over time and that this consistently translates into improvements in the teaching of the curriculum. .

Certificate collectors or cascaders support leaders to recognise the value training, support and guidance brings to the setting and how it can impact on the quality of teaching and learning. It encourages you to reflect on your current procedures for identifying professional development opportunities and enhance your skills and knowledge of how to cascade to maximise the impact and develop high quality practice throughout the setting.

To book a place or to purchase for your collaboration or setting please visit The Education People website

Sustained shared thinking emotional well-being (SSTEW) - making the audit work for you
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Iram Siraj, Denise Kingston, Edward Melhuish (2015) ISBN-13:978-1858566580

The sustained shared thinking and emotional well-being (SSTEW) scale, provides a deeper focus on the adult role and has been designed to be used for self-evaluation and improvement. It considers adult-child interactions, the development of relationships, effective communication and aspects of self-regulation.

The SSTEW scale is becoming a popular tool to support evaluation of the quality of teaching. In response to this Threads of Success have developed a full days training for leaders to explore and become competent in completing the tool with a view to supporting others and improving the quality of provision.

Please note those attending will need their own copy of the SSTEW audit tool.

To book a place on or to purchase for your collaboration please visit The Education People website

Focused Strategic Visits
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This three or six-hour visit is focused on strategies to support your continuous improvement. The outcomes of the visit aim to strengthen the Leadership and Management of your provision and support you in your journey to providing outstanding practice.

Our current offer includes, but is not limited to, a focus on:

  • Outdoors
  • Forest School
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Quality assurance
  • Enhancing the quality of teaching and learning
  • Self-evaluation
  • Safeguarding and promoting children's welfare
  • Bespoke improvement visit.

For further information and to book a visit please visit the Strategic Improvement Visits page on the The Education People website.

Leadership and Management
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We offer a range of programmes and training course aimed at those in a position of leadership, looking to strengthen their skills. Please visit our leadership and management page for information on our offer.

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The Threads of Success Improvement and Achievement Award is a quality improvement scheme which enables practitioners to evaluate and reflect on their own practice to bring about quality improvement in their own setting and thus improve outcomes for children and strengthen leadership for learning.

Coming soon - Planning for Learning Masterclass
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An intellectually stimulating professional discussion with like-minded professionals. Facilitated by a knowledgeable and passionate adviser to debate planning for learning and latest research.

Contact details
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