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Transfer of Statements

Transfer of Statements to EHC Plans
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Kent continues to transfer Statements to Education, Health and Care Plans, a process started in September 2014. This takes place during a Transfer Review meeting and for children with Statements this will replace the usual annual review. For those with an LDA this will mean a formal discussion which will be the transfer review.

Parents/carers and all of the people involved in supporting an individual child or young person will be invited to the review meeting by the setting, school or college. We expect professionals to give clear indications about which reviews they will attend in person and how they will contribute if they are unable to be present. Most children and young people will be supported to give their views before the meeting on Section A (see below). The LA is encouraging schools to take a person-centred approach to the review meeting. However, not all children/young people will want to attend the meeting and some will only want to attend for part. In some cases the school and parents may agree to a shorter pre-meeting in advance of the review to deal with any concerns or questions beforehand.

Using the existing Statement, all involved will agree the information that remains relevant and should be transferred to a blank EHC Plan. In addition and on this form, the school will record views from the discussion about the CYP's barriers to learning, the help they are receiving and the long term goals, which are known as outcomes and sent it to KCC.

In accordance with the statutory duty, KCC's SEN team will use the report to formally issue a draft EHC Plan to all contributors, allowing young people/parents/carers 15 days to consider the draft and to make any additional comments to those arising from the review.

The EHC Plan will not formally replace the existing Statement until it is issued as finalised document after the 15 day period above has elapsed and any necessary changes to the draft have been completed by KCC.

Important Notice
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Following extensive collaboration with parents, settings, schools and colleges, the EHC documentation has been revised. From 1st August 2015, please use this documentation for all purposes; Application for Statutory Assessment, Annual Review of EHC Plans, Transfer of Statements to EHC Plans. Please delete any earlier versions of the EHC Plan and associated documentation from your files.

Information Sharing
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If requesting Statutory Assessment and/or High Needs Funding and when exchanging information as part of Transfer to an EHC Plan, please ensure parent/carer consent has been secured thereby avoiding any unnecessary delay.

Transferring Existing Statements (and LDAs) to EHC Plans
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The following information relates to the conversion of existing Statements of Special Educational Needs into Education, Health and Care Plans: