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SENIF Prerequisites

Is applying for SEN Inclusion Fund the next step?
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Before a setting can make a request for SEN Inclusion Funding there should be evidence that the appropriate strategies, training and programmes have already been tried for the child and have been unsuccessful. These strategies and support programmes are detailed below.

If you are unsure whether an application for SENIF is the appropriate next step, please use our handy Graduated Response Tool (DOCX, 33.3 KB).

  • All requests for SENIF will need to evidence that the child’s needs are recognised as requiring SEN Support as defined in the SEND Code of Practice 0-25. Further information is also available on the SEN Support page
  • It is good practice for EY settings to have used Best Practice Guidance strategies to support the child and recorded the impact of these within the audit tools. Best Practice Guidance audit tools are available here
  • EY Settings will have sought advice from the Early Years and Childcare Equality and Inclusion Team at the Universal Level. For more information or to make a request for support please go to the Equality and Inclusion page
  • If the child makes limited progress and it is felt that more intensive support is needed a referral to EY LIFT should be made supported by the Targeted or Personalised Plan. Details of your local EY LIFT meetings can be found on your district Special School website.
  • Allocation of specialist support takes place at EY LIFT meetings, if necessary this may include support from an Early Years Specialist Teacher. Strategies are given to support the setting and the setting should be able to show how they have implemented these and the impact that they have had on the outcomes for the child. It is good practice that impact should be added to the Best Practice Guidance Audit Tools as an ongoing record of support.
  • An Early Years Personalised Plan is devised, implemented and reviewed. Reviewed Personalised Plans submitted as evidence for requests for SENIF should be based on the advice of their allocated Specialist Teacher detailing the impact and progress made. The Early Years Personalised Plan template and guidance document is available on the How to Apply for SENIF page
  • Child does not make expected progress.