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Annual Review of Education Health Care Plans

In order to maintain the effective person-centred approach that the Transfer meetings have achieved, the Local Authority has amended its Annual Review process. The process has been streamlined and additional documentation kept to a minimum. The LA wants to ensure that the Education, Health and Care Plan will remain a pertinent, relevant and up-to-date working document. Settings/schools and colleges are required to follow new guidance and make any requests for change on the Plan itself (see guidance below).

Important Notice
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Following extensive collaboration with parents, settings, schools and colleges, the EHC documentation has been revised. From 1 August 2015, please use this documentation for all purposes; Application for Statutory Assessment, Annual Review of EHC Plans, Transfer of Statements to EHC Plans. Please delete any earlier versions of the EHC Plan and associated documentation from your files.

Information Sharing
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Documentation and guidance for Annual Review.