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Qualifications and Funding

Central to our ambition is the desire to create the conditions in which pupils experience the best learning and teaching, and where pupils' moral and intellectual development and confidence can flourish. We want every child in Kent to achieve well above expectations and not to be held back by their social background. We want every young person to benefit from a broad range of pathways to further learning and employment, for their own achievement and for the success of the Kent economy.

We will do this by:

  • Focusing relentlessly on improving standards and the quality of education and learning
  • Ensure every young person to age 18 is engaged in purposeful education and training, and they are well prepared for skilled employment and higher learning
  • Ensure the most vulnerable learners experience success is our top priority. We want to close the attainment gaps that exist as a barrier to their future success.

We see learning as a lifelong process in which learners should always be able to progress successfully to the next stage of their lives, with the necessary foundations for success, to develop their skills, training and qualifications both in and out of work and in informal and formal learning situations. We will give particular priority to improving the skills and employability of 14-24 year olds, so that they make a good start to adult life and their potential is not lost to the Kent economy.

2019 Performance Tables
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This page shows Technical and vocational qualifications for teaching from September 2017 and reporting in 2019 performance tables.

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Lists of qualifications for reporting in the 2019 performance tables in the following categories:

  • technical awards
  • technical certificates
  • tech levels
  • applied general qualifications.

Technical awards are practical qualifications for students aged 14 to 16.

Technical certificates, tech levels, and applied general qualifications are for students aged 16 to 19.

Performance data and Ofsted reports of further education providers
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This page shows  16 to 18 destination measures, calculate level 3 value-added measures and gives details of other post 16 accountability measures.

You can also find an Ofsted report.

Post-16 skills plan and independent report on technical education
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You can find here the government’s technical education reforms, based on the work of Lord Sainsbury’s independent panel.

Post-16 technical education reforms: T level action plan
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This publication follows the Post-16 Skills Plan, published in July 2016 by the Department for Education. It provides an update on progress made in developing policy and implementing the reforms set out in the Skills Plan.

Search for schools and colleges to compare
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Here you can select schools for comparison and download data for the whole of England or for a local authority.

16 to 19 study programmes: guide for providers
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This guide sets out the government’s policy on 16 to 19 study programmes. It covers academic, technical and vocational study programmes, including traineeships and supported internships.

It applies to all providers of 16 to 19 education in England, including:

  • schools
  • further education (FE) colleges
  • sixth-form colleges
  • work-based learning providers
  • training providers.

16 to 19 Funding: how it works
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Here you can find an overview of the 16 -19 funding formula.

16 to 19 funding: maths and English condition of funding
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Here you can find Information for institutions on maths and English condition of funding.