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Budgets 2015-16

School budget information 2015-16


Budget Guidance

  • Delegated Formula Funding allocations for primary and secondary schools (coming soon) 
  • Delegated Formula Funding allocations for special schools (coming soon)
  • Growth Policy (PDF, 147.5 KB)


Alternative Provision District Budgets


2015-16 Devolved Formula Capital allocations

This year the Department for Education and Education Funding Agency (EFA) have announced individual school Devolved Formula Capital (DFC) allocations early.  Therefore for Local Authority controlled schools, the DFC allocations shown will be final.  However, the figures will be updated to reflect all Academies that have converted by 31 March 2015.  If your school is a pipeline Academy, one which is expected to convert to Academy status prior to 31 March 2015, you will not be able to check your DFC allocation here.  If your school doesn't convert by 31 March 2015, the DFC allocation will be routed via the local authority.

Aided schools and Academies will receive their DFC allocation direct from the EFA and should obtain their figures either via their Diocesan Body or direct from the EFA.


Academy funding information 2015-16 (Financial Year)


Section 251: Education, budget and outturn statements

Read statutory publications from the Local Authority, including education budget statements, both future and historical.

As these are publicly available documents, these are hosted on Kent County Council's public website:


Contact details

If your query relates to the budget calculation, please contact:

The Schools' Budget Team: 03000 416436

If you have a query relating to capital, please contact:

Ruth Giles: 03000 416930

Should you buy your insurance through Kent County Council and need a breakdown of the elements which make up your charge, please contact:

Shane Jermy on 03000 416311

For details on FLO allocations, please contact:

Allyson Carty: 01622 696599

If you have any other query, please contact Schools Financial Services on 03000 415 415