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Total Contribution 2020/21 for Schools

An update regarding the annual Kent Scheme pay award for 2020/21.

In recognition that many people have not had the opportunity to meet or exceed normal performance expectations because their working life has been disrupted; this may be because they have needed to shield, because they have had to juggle caring and working responsibilities or because services have been closed. KCC’s Corporate Management Team has decided we should take a different approach to TCP for 2020/21.

This year, as informed by discussions with our recognised Trades Unions, everyone will be treated consistently in relation to any pay award. There will be no relation between performance and assessment and the usual TCP rules will not apply. Any pay award that is confirmed will be equally distributed to all Kent Scheme employees who are usually eligible for a TCP assessment and employed by KCC on the 1 April 2021. This year there will be no lump sum payments as salaries will not exceed the top of the grade.

The only exception, and consistent with previous years, are people who are in a formal performance and capability process (due to performance) or formal disciplinary process (if appropriate) will receive no pay increase.

We continue to recommend you have your appraisal conversations so that staff still understand how they have performed and are given a rating to reflect on the contribution they have made.

Kent Scheme Pay Scales and Total Contribution Pay for Kent Schools

As in previous years Kent schools, who have made provision within their pay policy to do so, are able to exercise local discretion regarding the percentage increases applied to each of the performance ratings and may wish to continue to retain four performance levels this year.

Schools which follow Kent Scheme are required to apply the new grade bandings effective from 1 April. For other schools operating a September to August pay cycle, an appropriate Pay Policy needs to be in place.

Kent Academies which follow Kent Scheme conditions have discretion as to whether to apply these increases.

Kent Scheme Pay Award from 1 April 2021

Pay negotiations with our recognised Trades Unions have followed the usual process and the annual pay award will be confirmed to Kent Schools after the required formal County Council approval. This year, it is expected that we will be able to send communication on the pay award and pay scales to schools in March.