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Kent Scheme Pay Award 2021 - Information for Schools

Formal County Council approval has been granted and the Kent Scheme pay award has now been confirmed.

Due to the exceptional context which the Covid-19 pandemic has presented, Personnel Committee and County Council deemed it appropriate to reward everyone equally by applying a 2% award to salaries and pay scale for TCP 2020/21 cycle. However, KCC’s Corporate Directors and Directors have taken the decision to freeze their pay this year.

The recognised Trades Unions have balloted their members and a majority voted in favour of this award.

Pay Scale Information for Schools

The increase to the Kent Scheme pay scale is informed by the current NJC rates and the increase to both the National Living Wage and the Foundation (real) Living Wage. We advise that Schools should look at their local flexibilities to accommodate any issues which may arise locally.

Some changes to the scale are detailed below:

  • The Kent Scale pay bands have been increased by 2%
  • KRS, the minimum pay point, has increased to £9.55 per hour or £18,425 per annum to reflect and continue to exceed both the rising National Living wage to £8.91 and the Foundation (real) living wage to £9.50.
  • There continues to be a difference of at least £1,200 between the top of each successive grade and a 0.5% pay gap between the top of one grade and the minimum of the next which helps make the distinction between grades clear.

Schools which follow Kent scheme are required to apply these increases and new grade bandings effective from 1 April. For other schools operating a September to August pay cycle, an appropriate Pay Policy needs to be in place.

Kent Academies which follow Kent Scheme conditions have discretion as to whether to apply these increases.

The Kent Scheme newsletter for schools (PDF, 660.0 KB) is also available for you to view and download and includes useful information about The Local Government Pension Scheme rates and Kent Scheme pay scales.

Current School Allowances

The school allowances available to support staff have also been increased by 2%. Details of the new allowances can be found here (PDF, 57.3 KB).

Total Contribution Pay (TCP) for Kent Scheme Terms and Conditions

Normally, pay progression within a grade is subject to personal performance as assessed through the Total Contribution Pay (TCP) process and a percentage increase awarded for each assessment level. However, to recognise the exceptional context of the Covid-19 pandemic and the huge range of circumstances which people have had to face, a consistent general pay award of 2% was seen as appropriate by Personnel Committee and County Council.

There will be no relation between performance and assessment and the usual TCP rules will not apply, except for people who are on minimum salary for the grade will be moved to the new grade minimum unless they are in a formal performance and capability (due to performance) or disciplinary process as people in these circumstances will not be eligible to receive an increase.

As in previous years, where the Governing body has made provision within their pay policy to do so, Kent schools continue to be able to exercise local discretion regarding the percentage increases applied to each of the performance ratings. Schools may wish to continue to retain four performance levels this year.

Performance assessments

We continue to recommend managers still have assessment conversations, so their teams understand how they have performed and submit a rating to reflect the contribution they have made.

This communication has also been sent from the Area Education Officers to the Headteachers or nominated persons in each Kent school.

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