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Climate Emergency! Act Now! How your school can save energy and reduce energy costs

Support and funding to help make your school greener and reduce costs. KCC and SALIX funds are available for energy projects like lighting upgrades.

Kent Schools are eligible to benefit from funding to help save energy and reduce energy costs. Schools have previously used this funding for a range of actions, the most popular of which has been lighting upgrades to energy efficient LED lighting. These projects can reduce electricity used for lighting by 70%, reduce maintenance costs and often improve light levels, Maidstone Girls Grammar were the most recent with a great project over the summer holidays.

LASER (the KCC owned public sector Energy Buying Group) have supported more than 40 schools to access funding and install LED lighting using equipment and installers approved on the LASER and KCC LED Framework - compliant with procurement regulations. Please see lighting project case studies from Firth Park Academy (PDF, 1.3 MB) and Churchill Primary School (PDF, 930.4 KB).

Schools have also used support and funding to improve boiler room insulation, fix heating controls and even install their own solar powered generation. Northfleet School for Girls installed the largest solar array on any school in the country - see more in the video below.

KES Film 2018 - Northfleet School for Girls from Explore Kent on Vimeo.

Access to the funding differs between school types:

Community and Foundation schools can access the interest free loan funding direct from KCC. The loan can be repaid over a period of up to 10 years and the finance may be sourced from a mix of KCC and Salix finance, projects are designed so that the energy costs avoided are greater than the loan repayments from year 1. Please see the ELF flyer (PDF, 241.9 KB) for more information about the KCC fund.

Academy Schools can apply direct to Salix during an application window for interest free loans from Salix. The funding windows are short (generally a few weeks) with limited notice and often oversubscribed, so it pays to be prepared with a project plan before the next funding window is announced. LASER can assist with planning projects and costings, and by writing Salix applications.

SALIX funding is approved and supported by KCC Schools Finance support (The Education People) and has Secretary of State Approval for Academies borrowing.

If you would like LASER to visit your school and estimate the costs and savings of LED lighting or help prepare a bid then please contact

To learn more about KCCs energy efficiency funding please contact

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