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Self-Harm: A Practical Whole-School Approach

This training will help you increase your awareness of self-harm in schools and key issues faced by people who self harm.

It's almost impossible to say how many young people are self-harming. This is because very few teenagers tell anyone what's going on. It is thought, though, that around 13% of young people may try to hurt themselves on purpose at some point between the ages of 11 and 16, but the actual figure could be much higher.

Self-harm can be an extremely complex issue. Delivered by Educational Psychologists, this training will help you increase your awareness of self-harm in schools, develop an understanding of the key issues faced by people who self-harm, and improve your knowledge base so you feel confident and competent in responding to individuals who harm themselves.


  • What self-harm is
  • Who it affects
  • What causes someone to self-harm
  • Resilience and protective factors.

Practical ways of responding

  • What can be done to support and help people who self-harm
  • Useful strategies and interventions
  • Organisational structures, policy and obligations
  • Handling difficult conversations with students sensitively
  • Responding appropriately to self-harm incidents at school
  • Working with parents and peers to support student recovery.

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