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Grief, Loss and Bereavement in Schools

In any class of twenty children or young people, there will be five or six who are dealing with some aspect of death, grief or loss.

Failure to recognise and deal with emotional needs can lead to poor academic performance or challenging behaviour; and make effective teaching more difficult. For some children bereavement affects concentration, attendance and attainment, and that these effects are not always short term. (Akerman and Statham 2014)

While many incidents affect individual children and families, some incidents affect and disrupt the normal running of the school. Such incidents can include the death of a member of the school community or a traumatic incident within school affecting staff or pupils. In an average year Kent Educational Psychology Service supports around 20-30 separate ‘crisis’ incidents.

This one day training event is part of a longer enhanced learning course but can be attended as a single event if this is preferred. The day is aimed at those working directly with children coping with grief (teachers, LSAs, SENCo's, FLOS, PSMs etc.).

In the morning we will look at how children and young people grieve, especially how their understanding of grief changes as they get older. We will also start to explore ways to support pupils who have suffered a loss.

In the afternoon we will look more at grief and loss, and importantly how those that have close contact with children can recognise their difficulties and support them. We will also look at strategies that have been found to be most useful and consider activities and resources that can be used individually, in small groups or as whole class interventions.

Training objectives

  • Raise awareness of the needs of pupils dealing with grief, loss and bereavement
  • Introduce different models of grief and loss
  • Think about how schools can support children experiencing grief or loss
  • Explore resources that may be useful when supporting children who have experienced grief or loss
  • Consider other sources of support that may be appropriate for children experiencing grief or loss.

Fees include refreshments throughout the day and lunch.

Content is only relevant to Kent Schools.

The price of this one day training event is £120.

The full course (including the online learning modules) is £150.

View the Grief, Lose and Bereavement in Schools course leaflet here (PDF, 139.7 KB).

How to book






Oakwood House Hotel


Oakwood Park, Maidstone, Kent ME16 8AE


£120 - training day only. £150 training day plus two online modules

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