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Managing and Supporting Performance

Assessment discussions should provide the main source of evidence on which to make a judgement about an Employee’s Performance or TCP rating. Some schools prefer a structured approach to assessment discussions with formal, start, mid and end of year review meetings. KCC has moved towards a more fluid approach to assessment discussions with regular conversations (PDF, 63.4 KB) taking place throughout the year. This more flexible approach is recommended for consideration for adoption by schools.

Regardless of the approach taken assessment objectives, performance throughout the year and outcomes should be clearly documented to ensure performance or TCP assessments can supported by appropriate evidence.

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  • Conversations should be broad, covering a range of topics during the year. Our good conversation tool (PDF, 183.5 KB) and quick reference log (PDF, 2.2 MB) helps you and your team members to get the best out of your conversations.
  • When and how conversations about objectives, performance and development take place is down to you and your team member.
  • Conversations about performance and development should focus on what can be done even better, through personal growth and development and the continuous improvement of the service, as well as reviewing past performance.
  • Objectives and conversations about performance and development should be clearly documented throughout the year (PDF, 131.8 KB). This is to be used to inform your assessment of your team member’s total contribution.

Management accountability
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  • People management is a key part of the role of a manager. Managers are held to account for managing people.
  • You are expected to lead by example and demonstrate KCC’s values.
  • You will manage in an inclusive, equal and fair way, taking into account people’s practical opportunity to deliver when setting expectations and assessing performance.
  • Encourage your team members to give you feedback on what you do well, what you could do better or what you could do differently as a manager to help them be the best they can be. This can be as simple as, “What can I do better to help you to do your job?”
  • Use this feedback to identify any areas of development or improvements that can be made, and discuss it with your own manager as part of your conversations about performance and development.
  • The grandparent manager should seek and use all the available evidence to assess the manager’s performance of people management responsibilities. This can include seeking feedback from team members themselves.

Total Contribution Pay (TCP)
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Managing performance through good conversations is central to KCC's Total Contribution Pay process by recognising and rewarding the contribution people make.

For more information on what you need to do see the TCP Guidance for Schools (PDF, 340.8 KB).