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Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP)

Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) introduced in April 2015 provides extra funding for 3 and 4 year old children:

  1. whose parents are in receipt of certain benefits or
  2. who have been in care or adopted from care (approximately 13% of children).

It provides an extra £342 a year for any child receiving 15 hours of the Early Education Entitlement.

Download and display this A4 EYPP poster (PDF, 57.5 KB) to inform parents about what EYPP is and encourage them to apply for it.

How to apply
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Go to Free Early Education, Claiming EYPP and DAF and follow the clear procedure set out by Management Information.

If you have queries email or contact 03000 42 16 12 and ask for Victoria Bentley.

Letting parents and carers know about EYPP
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  • include the EYPP in publicity and marketing including websites, Facebook etc.
  • include the EYPP as part of universal admissions procedure including information at home visits
  • give parents our FAQs (DOCX, 34.0 KB) about EYPP
  • give examples of how the funding will enable you to give children additional support and how it will help children to be ready for school

Other points to remember
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  • Education Endowment Foundation Toolkit shows that funding spent on communication and language projects and self-regulation has the highest impact for the least cost
  • Equality and Inclusion Team deliver I CAN training which is very effective, well evidenced and excellent use of EYPP. See The Education People website for details
  • consider pooling funding with other settings and in your collaborations
  • consider buying the services of outside professionals
  • Ofsted will want to see evidence of impact of the funding, see Ofsted: Unknown children - destined for disadvantage?

Have you considered using your EYPP funding to fund the I CAN Early Talk Boost intervention programme? A number of settings have already done this and have started to report extremely good results in terms of seeing improvement in children's communication and social skills.

For advice on effective use of EYPP and to receive a call or Kent funded (free) visit, there is a new electronic request form which you can complete and submit

Alternatively, you can download and complete the Equality and Inclusion Special Educational Needs and Disability Support Request (DOCX, 51.7 KB) and email to

Useful links
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For further information visit the Government website

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