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Disability Access Fund (DAF)

Information for Early Years Providers
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From April 2017 the government introduced new funding for Early Years providers, the Disability Access Fund (DAF), to support children with disabilities or special educational needs. The DAF aids access to Early Years places by, for example, supporting providers in making reasonable adjustments to their provision.

Identifying eligible children
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All Early Year’s providers who receive funding for the entitlement for three and four-year olds can claim DAF for eligible children. We would encourage you to identify potentially eligible children by talking to parents to find out if their child is in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (DLA). If so, please Download the DAF Funding claim form (DOCX, 38.3 KB). Please note that this form needs to be completed with parents/carers and sent to Management Information with a copy of the latest DLA awards notice.

Eligibility for Disability Access Fund (DAF)
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Three and four-year old children may be eligible for the DAF if they meet the following criteria:

  • The child is in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and
  • The child receives universal or extended free early education and childcare entitlement.

If a child who is eligible for DAF, is splitting their universal hours across two or more providers, the parent must nominate one of the settings to receive the DAF funding as this cannot be split.

DAF Payment
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The DAF is payable as a lump sum once a year per eligible child.

Funding is paid at the fixed annual rate of £615 per eligible child.

First payment for EYPP will be processed after the headcount claims have been verified, forms received during or after the half term break will be checked and payments for eligible children will then be processed on a regular basis

If a child receiving DAF moves from one provider to another the new provider is not eligible to receive DAF funding for this child within the same year. Funding received by the original provider will not be recouped by Kent County Council. The new provider is not eligible to receive DAF funding for this child until the anniversary of the first payment has passed. A new application will have to be completed and sent to Management Information after this period.

One year after the original payment has been made a second payment will be made provided:

  • The awards notice covers the second year
  • Child is still claiming universal hours at the setting named on the application

If a child in local authority care is attending a setting in a different local authority, it is the responsibility of the local authority in which the setting is based to fund the DAF.

Please see Easy Read Guide to DAF (DOCX, 183.1 KB) which can be shared with parents.

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