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EHPS Notification Upload Tool

Partners should use the new Early Help and Preventative Services (EHPS) Notification Upload Tool to submit a request for support. All notifications should be sent to Early Help Triage using the new online tool. Practitioners should enter basic contact details on the online tool, attach the Notification Form (DOCX, 96.1 KB), press submit and take a note of the reference number. Step-by-step guidance (PDF, 121.0 KB) can be found in the Early Help Toolkit.

The Secure Kent Workforce Online (SKWO) is no longer being used to share information about families receiving intensive support. This change means there will no longer be an online system for partners to see the overview of cases. However, there is regular contact with partners in relation to any cases that are being supported by EHPS. Partners should be advised of the outcome from Early Help Triage and the District allocation processes, ensuring partners are able to contribute to the assessment and family plan; and are updated on progress.